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Eliminate the challenges of storage, resources and training issues. D4 will customize our hardware and software to meet your specific eDiscovery needs.

Software Sales & Integration

D4 resells, supports, and provides training for a number of litigation support applications.
Relativity is a feature-rich online review platform, Relativity provides image and native file review, powerful searching, diverse coding options, flexible workflow capabilities, integrated productions, Unicode and foreign language support, and concept searching: all delivered in a highly scalable, enterprise-grade eDiscovery solution.
AccessData Group

  • Summation iBlazeLearn More

    Combines powerful case data management tools with industry-leading search functionality in an easy-to-use graphical interface. Summation allows users to maintain complete control over case materials with minimal effort. Summation remains the only desktop legal review software platform to offer fully integrated and comprehensive transcript management, including the ability to mark-up and link testimony, streaming real time through live court reporter feeds, multi-color highlighting, condensed printing and more.

  • Summation EnterpriseLearn More

    Specifically designed to tackle the challenges of managing masses of data, AD Summation Enterprise gives users the power to scale mountains of evidence. Incorporating the top features of our industry-leading litigation support software application, iBlaze, with a Web-based case management platform and the power of a database-driven architecture, Enterprise delivers cutting-edge case data management tools with capacity limited only by the requirements of the user.

  • AD eDiscoveryLearn More

    AccessData eDiscovery is a comprehensive electronic discovery software solution. Built on AccessData’s industry-leading computer forensics technology, Forensic Toolkit, AD eDiscovery literally walks the user through each phase of the electronic data discovery process, from litigation hold to production, in an automated, repeatable and defensible manner.

  • AD ECALearn More

    AD ECA is included in the AccessData eDiscovery platform, but for organizations looking for just processing and web-based, collaborative early case assessment, AD ECA is available separately as well. Using AD ECA you can quickly filter, process, search and analyze data in multiple formats and languages with the forensic-level accuracy that only AccessData can deliver.


  • ConcordanceLearn More

    Concordance discovery management software delivers effective, cost-efficient way to manage and review the high volume of documents—scanned paper, email and electronic documents—generated during litigation. Concordance makes it easy to identify, organize and analyze case-critical information, providing the convenience of complete accessibility, anytime and anywhere.

  • CaseMapLearn More

    CaseMap lets you manage, organize and connect case facts, legal issues and key players more intuitively and conveniently than any other software program.

  • NoteMapLearn More

    NoteMap outliner makes it super easy to create, edit and use outlines — far easier than creating outlines with word-processing software. NoteMap is incredibly easy to learn and use. You’ll be up and outlining in less than 15 minutes.

  • TimeMapLearn More

    TimeMap helps you transform facts in your case into a visual timeline of events in minutes—no graphic expertise required! Visual timelines make it easy for your litigation team, witnesses, clients, the judge, jurors and other key players to understand the sequence of events in a case. And with TimeMap you keep production costs low at pennies per timeline.

  • TextMapLearn More

    TextMap is a transcript summary tool. Use TextMap to create a database of electronic transcript files from depositions, examinations, and other proceedings. As transcripts are imported into TextMap, they are indexed and the location of each word in each transcript is stored.

  • DepPrepLearn More

    DepPrep is an electronic tutorial that makes it easy to groom witnesses for their depositions. All aspects of deposition preparation are covered — everything from deponent demeanor to how to answer a question.

  • Time MattersLearn More

    Time Matters allows you to manage cases, contacts, your calendar, documents, communications, time tracking and other daily activities. Time Matters has been the choice of Law Firms, Legal Departments and other organizations for the past 20 years.

Lateral Data
Lateral Data, A Xerox Company, is the developer of the Viewpoint all-in-one e-discovery software, an all-inclusive platform that integrates collection, early case assessment, pre-processing and processing, analysis (including assisted review), review and production functionality into a single, powerful platform. Read More
By using one product instead of many to manage e-discovery projects, case teams can make the e-discovery process more efficiently, reduce costs and eliminate the risks of moving sensitive data between tools. Viewpoint does not require third-party software or plug-ins for analytics or other capabilities. All functionality is fully integrated into the platform, enabling greater workflow efficiencies.Hide
Legal Hold Pro
Legal Hold Pro is a fast and simple way to manage the legal hold notification and compliance process. The on-demand service streamlines the practice of issuing legal holds and reduces exposure via an automated and defensible process. Read More
We don’t just leave you hanging after your software purchase. At D4 we will help you install the software on your computer and make sure it is working properly. We will also make sure the software works correctly with your versions of Microsoft Office and other software programs.Hide
TrialDirector trial presentation software is used to organize exhibits and depositions, prepare their cases for trial, and enhance their case presentations. TrialDirector even integrates with many popular litigation support software.

Software Training

At D4 LLC, we understand the importance of proper education and training. Our trainers have over 20 years of real life experience with these products and have trained people not only from coast to coast but overseas such as in Africa and Europe.

Let our trainers design and implement specialized computer classes for your law firm. They can be in person at your law firm or over the web. If you need your employees to be fully focused on the training, we even offer off site training in any of our state-of-the-art Technology Services centers in the US.

Our goal is to help educate Attorneys and Paralegals on how to get the most out of their computer investments.

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