Scanning & Paper Discovery

Despite modern advances in ESI, you may find that your organization continues to rely heavily on paper. D4 can help gather, scan and store important information in order to ensure it is searchable while cutting costs.

Document Imaging

High Speed Image Capture

Imaging your documents and storing those images in an electronic database enables your team to search, view and print only the necessary documents. Stop manually searching, pulling, copying and re-filing your documents. Imaging gives you instant access to any one of thousands or even millions of pages. Imaging also offers tremendous cost and time savings with improved accuracy of information retrieval.

Archival Scanning

D4 provides archival scanning services to companies and organizations that want to reduce the volume of paper that they have to store. From a doctor’s office that has thousands of old patient files, to an accounting firm that needs to maintain records for a period of years, to a government agency with strict documentation policies, there are potentially millions of pages of paper being archived in basements and warehouses.

With our archival scanning service, we can scan the documents, maintaining the integrity of folders or other dividers, and provide you with a CD containing these images. This can save storage costs and time when documents need to be retrieved.


OCR & Translation

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the process of translating and converting image files to a format that can be searched or manipulated. The OCR process is impacted by the quality of the images and format of the text.

By creating a searchable version of an image file, you are taking a static image file and giving it meaning while saving you time and money in your document review.

Foreign Language Translation

Oftentimes, foreign language translation is done by individuals, which can be time consuming and costly. By using OCR technology, D4 can convert the paper document to digital data and then process the language detection based on the extracted text. OCR technology will convert the document to digital format in one language, but is also smart enough to know where multiple languages start and stop within the same document.


Intelligent Coding

Document Indexing

Document Indexing is the process of capturing relevant data from a set of images. Our experienced team of coders can index document collections ranging in size from a few to several thousand documents. Document Indexing is customized for each project, so we can capture exactly the information that will be most important to your case.

Intelligent Coding
Intelligent Coding your documents gives you the ability to generate document coding and could potentially replace the need for manual Document Indexing.

Benefits of Intelligent Coding

  • Reduce coding time and costs
  • Intelligent Coding can code up to 10,000 documents per hour.
  • Compatability with other software
  • CT Summation, LexisNexis Concordance and LAW or IPRO.
  • Automatically populates fields in existing databases
  • Add user-defined keywords, custom dictionaries, organizations and unusual names
  • Works with both OCR text and text extracted during Native File processing
  • Prioritize documents with Document Score


Say goodbye to paper.
The D4 DigiBinder is the latest alternative to paper closing, purchase agreement binders or any other “bound” document that requires professional presentation. Instead of having your staff make copies manually, create custom tabs and bind each book separately, we can scan your documents and create an Adobe “Searchable Image” PDF file.

Our DigiBinders are delivered in a presentation-quality DVD case, with a custom designed Flash opening screen. DigiBinders cost less than traditional paper closing books and you have the added value of digital bookmarks, text-search capability, and a customized auto-start CD.

  • Powerful – Full-text searchable and fully indexed, the D4 DigiBinder allows searches for a word or phrase within a single document, or an entire assortment of binders with multiple PDF files copied to your network.
  • Custom – Documents are presented on a custom printed CD-ROM, delivered in a presentation-quality DVD case, with a custom designed Flash opening screen.
  • Cost Effective – Save valuable time and money.
  • Effortless – Simply call D4 to find out how you can get started with our DigiBinder service today.

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