Information Management

D4 will help build and staff a team of legal, compliance and IT advisors to not only meet your needs, but far exceed your expectations.

Preservation Vault

Manage your documents in a private, secure, searchable environment with D4’s new information management platform

Private information can now be organized and retrieved in a timely manner using the Preservation Vault.

Both physical media and digital assets can be uploaded and organized within one central repository. Individual documents can be located and accessed at previously unthinkable speeds. No longer will your organization have to worry about compliance fines that can come from failing to retain and produce documents in a defensible manner.

Go beyond simple keyword search with forensic-level search tools that allow you to look within documents, not just file names and dates.

Private cloud, HIPAA compliant, SSLencrypted connection complete with audit trails and rich reporting.

User interface allows immediate upload, search, view, and download with easy access via web browser and mobile devices.


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Find Important Data

D4 assists legal and compliance teams with questionnaires and interviews designed to identify sources of important business information. We validate interview responses with search, testing and metrics about the contents of important stores of data.

Gain Control

Corporate file servers may become the dumping ground for the data of departed employees, long-forgotten projects, or outdated software installations. D4 helps identify the important from the unimportant or duplicative so that business and records managers can regain control, IT managers can regain lost storage, and business clients can find important files.

Streamline and Centralize

D4 identifies the sources and formats of email stored in varied locations, provides search, testing and metrics about content, and provides services for de-duplication and conversion of format.

Reduce Inventories

D4 helps assess what content may be the subject of requirements for litigation preservation. With clear documentation and defensible methodologies, D4 designs and implements projects to reduce reliance on and storage of large numbers of back-up tapes.

Back-up Tapes

Reduce incremental tapes and storage volume by up to 60% and realize savings by reducing additional purchases and costly outside fees.

D4 utilizes state of the art technology (Index Engines) that enables a cost-effective approach to tape management and remediation initiatives.

Tape Remediation Program

  • Purge duplicate data
  • Recover much-needed storage capacity
  • Copy important records and other ESI into online repositories
  • Be prepared for regulatory and litigation requests
  • Reduce the number of tapes that must be stored off-site
  • Reduce service provider costs and fees
  • Lower expenses through the elimination and maintenance of legacy hardware
  • Make important ESI easily accessible


From document imaging to optical character recognition, D4 can handle the most straight-forward to the most complex litigation support services.

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eMedia on Demand

With our production facilities, we are able to provide delivery on demand for any quantity of information at a competitive price.

Distribute your data on a CD, DVD, or USB drive in a presentable and professional manner. All media can be customized with your logo and company information.

  • High quality, Full color, Digital disc printing
  • Print from a digital file right to the disc – No films, or prepress
  • Customized or Serialized disc printing
  • Library Management in our highly secure, on site Data Center
  • Media Printwork and Packaging
  • Mail and Order Fulfillment
  • Create your own Ordering Schedule – Order daily, weekly, or monthly
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