The Importance of Federal Rule of Evidence 502

Do we need privilege logs anymore? First, let’s discuss the advantages, challenges and best practices when implementing 502 orders and agreements.

Legal Hold and Data Preservation Best Practices

Your Guide for Navigating the Complexities of Preservation in the Digital Age; This Guide on “best practices” continues the goal of helping lead legal professionals on the path to excellence in legal holds and data preservation.

Technology Assisted Review – What Does TAR Really Mean?

This whitepaper will answer many questions, including:
-What is “TAR” and why should you care?
-Does it really help speed up discovery and minimize costs?
-Is it a defensible process?
-What are the courts’ views on the use of TAR?

Adopting an Enterprise-Wide Cloud Solution: 5 Things to Consider

In this whitepaper you will learn about:
-The most crucial aspect to consider when evaluating cloud solutions: security;
-Hidden costs and risks associated with implementing a new platform;
-The importance of scalability, and where free solutions like Dropbox and Microsoft Skydrive, fall short;
-Company trends and benefits of adopting a cloud solution.

How To Conduct an Efficient eDiscovery Interview

As a service provider we perform a lot of intake on new electronic discovery projects. We see the difference between legal teams who have thoroughly interviewed custodians and IT staff, and those who either have not, or if they have, they didn’t ask many questions about ESI in any quantified or documented way.

In this whitepaper you will learn 6 expert tips to remember for your next eDiscovery client interview.

3 Methods of eDiscovery Document Review Compared

This whitepaper compares keyword search with concept-based, and support vector-based platforms, including Technology Assisted Review and Predictive Coding