August 2014

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eDiscovery Update| ESI: Beyond the Usual Suspect, Rules Still Apply
Taking Control of the e-Discovery Process: Part 1
Don’t Be Afraid of Document Management! 7 Best Practices for Getting Started
A Quick Guide to eDiscovery Production Formatting Options

July 2014

In This Issue
When Companies Should Secure Confidential Data [INFOGRAPHIC]
9 Steps to a More Defensible Email Collection Protocol
What is Predictive Analytics and How Does it Work?
5 Best Practices For Dealing With Text in eDiscovery

June 2014

In This Issue
Requesting Every Text Message on Your Client’s iPhone May Be Overkill [VIDEO]
4 Standard Workflows Your Case Team Can Use to Review Less Data
It’s About Time: UTC, GMT, ESI and eDiscovery
Can You Use Predictive Coding To Break Up With Your Current eDiscovery Protocol?

May 2014

In This Issue
Predictive Coding in Practice: Four Case Studies [WHITEPAPER]
Analyze Your Data Prior to Review for More Affordable eDiscovery
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April 2014

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[NEW SLIDESHARE] How do your opinions on the proposed FRCP changes compare to others in the industry?
[NEW WHITEPAPER] Preservation of SMS Messages: A Mobile Device eDiscovery Guide for Litigants
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March 2014

In This Issue
7 Best Practices for Social Media Data Preservation
Mobile Device Preservation Guide: Putting the ‘Three ‘A’s’ of Preservation’ into Practice
3 Reasons Why eDiscovery Data Should be Processed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

February 2014

In This Issue
What is Bitcoin? What Are the Legal Ramifications?
Proposed FRCP Amendments: Prioritize Early and Judicial Management
6 Things You Must Consider When Shipping ESI

January 2014

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[SlideShare] Litigation Holds Dos and Don’ts
[Infographic] What You Need to Know About Technology Assisted Review
eDiscovery Haikus to Wish You a Happy New Year from D4!
Changing the Odds in your Favor with Predictive Coding

December 2013

In This Issue
[SlideShare] The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Evidence Preservation
One Government Website You Need to Visit
EDI-Oracle TAR/PC Study Phase 1 Results Confirm Human Resources are Key
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November 2013

In This Issue
Insource or Outsource? Is the “decision ladder” leaning against the wrong wall?
Forced Decryption: Uncovering Evidence without Breaching Fifth Amendment Rights
5 Potential Pitfalls for My eDiscovery Interview Template
6 New Features of Microsoft’s Exchange Server: Are they a Trick or a Treat? – Part I of II
New Whitepaper: Contracting Away Discovery Obligations: Is it Possible? Is it Advisable?