July 2014

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When Companies Should Secure Confidential Data [INFOGRAPHIC]
9 Steps to a More Defensible Email Collection Protocol
What is Predictive Analytics and How Does it Work?
5 Best Practices For Dealing With Text in eDiscovery

June 2014

In This Issue
Requesting Every Text Message on Your Client’s iPhone May Be Overkill [VIDEO]
4 Standard Workflows Your Case Team Can Use to Review Less Data
It’s About Time: UTC, GMT, ESI and eDiscovery
Can You Use Predictive Coding To Break Up With Your Current eDiscovery Protocol?

May 2014

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Predictive Coding in Practice: Four Case Studies [WHITEPAPER]
Analyze Your Data Prior to Review for More Affordable eDiscovery
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April 2014

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[NEW SLIDESHARE] How do your opinions on the proposed FRCP changes compare to others in the industry?
[NEW WHITEPAPER] Preservation of SMS Messages: A Mobile Device eDiscovery Guide for Litigants
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March 2014

In This Issue
7 Best Practices for Social Media Data Preservation
Mobile Device Preservation Guide: Putting the ‘Three ‘A’s’ of Preservation’ into Practice
3 Reasons Why eDiscovery Data Should be Processed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

February 2014

In This Issue
What is Bitcoin? What Are the Legal Ramifications?
Proposed FRCP Amendments: Prioritize Early and Judicial Management
6 Things You Must Consider When Shipping ESI

January 2014

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[SlideShare] Litigation Holds Dos and Don’ts
[Infographic] What You Need to Know About Technology Assisted Review
eDiscovery Haikus to Wish You a Happy New Year from D4!
Changing the Odds in your Favor with Predictive Coding

December 2013

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[SlideShare] The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Evidence Preservation
One Government Website You Need to Visit
EDI-Oracle TAR/PC Study Phase 1 Results Confirm Human Resources are Key
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November 2013

In This Issue
Insource or Outsource? Is the “decision ladder” leaning against the wrong wall?
Forced Decryption: Uncovering Evidence without Breaching Fifth Amendment Rights
5 Potential Pitfalls for My eDiscovery Interview Template
6 New Features of Microsoft’s Exchange Server: Are they a Trick or a Treat? – Part I of II
New Whitepaper: Contracting Away Discovery Obligations: Is it Possible? Is it Advisable?

October 2013

In This Issue
Wearable Tech – The Next Source of ESI
Maintain Control of Your Social Media Accounts with Powers of Attorney
Big Data Goes to the Movies
Changing the Odds in your Favor with Predictive Coding