Best Practices

Uncovering ESI (Electronically Stored Information) – 20 Tips for Keyword Searching in eDiscovery

Any term less than four (4) characters may result in a lot of false positives…Be aware of “noise word” lists…Be aware that searching numbers can sometimes return unwanted results…

7 Scenarios When Experts Recommend Companies “secure the data”

These days you cannot be too careful in protecting company ESI. Take precaution! Here are some best practices in securing the evidence that you can take prior to any litigation or direction from the court.

Rehashing: Using Hash Tables to Remove or Flag ESI in eDiscovery

So what’s a hash table? A hash is a calculated value of a defined set of data, such as a file or a string of text. A hash table is a collection of two or more hashes. You may be familiar with the term MD5 hash. This is an example of an MD5 hash value:


It’s akin to a digital fingerprint and it’s basically meaningless.

Smartphones-The Forgotten Source of Evidence

Like it or not, the cell phone and Smartphone have become standard fare for personal use as well as issued in almost all employment arenas. In the corporate environment they’ve become a necessity just like the company-issued laptop.