Preservation of SMS Messages: A Mobile Device eDiscovery Guide for Litigants

Article gives a detailed explanation of how to preserve and recover data from Apple, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry mobile devices. Read before implementing a mobile device management policy.

Part 6 of 6: What Do the Proposed FRCP Amended Changes Mean for In-House Counsel?

Practitioners should be thinking NOW about how what changes the new Rules will bring about; What will you do differently? How will this change your practice—if you typically represent plaintiffs, or individuals, or whether you typically represent defendants and large organizations?

Part 3 of 6: Proportionality in discovery proposals for amendments to FRCP

Several proposed amendments seek to promote proportionality by directly amending the scope of discovery, promoting clearer responses to Rule 34, reducing the presumptive limits on the number of depositions and interrogatories, adding a limit to the number of requests for admission, and explicitly recognizing the authority to allocate expenses in discovery.