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Sep 5

By Maureen Holland, VP, Client Services

The ILTA conference was last week and we have all heard the buzz about Technology Assisted Review going mainstream (TAR Is Now Mainstream – Update from ILTA 2013). The key point made throughout the conference was that successful organizations are embracing TAR and using it to differentiate themselves from the rest. A follow-up question was then asked— are you using TAR in your organization?

Before you answer that, I have another question that needs to be asked first – do you know what TAR really is? If you are anything like me, you are overwhelmed by the amount of information and technical jargon out there (see our Technology Assisted Review Cheat Sheet for additional help in making sense of the technical terms).

Download Whitepaper: Technology Assisted Review: What Does TAR Really Mean?The Sedona thought leader teams are working diligently to define TAR; in the meantime, we have a new whitepaper that breaks down key components of TAR as well as answers the following questions:

• What is this “TAR” that everyone is talking about, and perhaps more importantly, why should you care?
• Does it really help speed up discovery and minimize costs?
• Is it a defensible process?
• What are the courts’ views on the use of TAR?

Download the Whitepaper


Please let us know in the comments if it helped clarify your understanding of TAR.


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