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Dec 5

By Peter Coons, SVP, Advisory and Engineering Group

In the last eNtrust, or managed service, success story I discussed the use of D4 personnel connecting to a client’s network to manage their entire eDiscovery process utilizing the client’s hardware and software. That is just one example of how D4 can put together a custom managed service offering. 

Success #2 – Our place, their hardware, their software, our people

Our client had licensed eDiscovery software as well as the hardware where it was installed.  They had a number of litigation support personnel that recently left their organization.  They were in the midst of a number of matters and had no personnel to manage the cases or the processing and hosting of the ESI.  D4 was approached to manage the hardware, software, processing and hosting.  The client was also in the process of moving their eDiscovery hardware/software to a third party data center that could accommodate their technology needs. 

Facts and requirements taken into consideration

 A. The client was in its first year of a three year lease on hardware and eDiscovery software;

B. The client was considering moving its hardware to a third party data center;

C. The client had recently lost its entire litigation support department and wanted to investigate outsourcing the functions performed by these individuals;

D. The remaining litigation support manager was not capable of running the software and the IT department had limited resources to manage the hardware;

E. The client wanted to take advantage of newer eDiscovery technologies such as predictive coding but did not have additional capital to spend;

F. Historically the client had to deal with over 100 matters each year where eDiscovery was necessary.


 The proposed solution included the organization moving its hardware and software to D4’s data center and private cloud.  The proposal to use the D4 data center was not only less expensive than the quote received from the other data center it also included the maintenance of both the hardware and software, which would be managed by D4 personnel.  The client would ship its ESI to D4 where it would be processed, searched and ultimately hosted for review by internal and external legal teams.  These tasks would be performed by D4 staff.  A major benefit to outsourcing the personnel was no additional disruption to matters due to personnel changes.  Additional benefits included project management and access to a dozen additional eDiscovery applications including predictive coding and early case assessment applications.  D4 was able to match the work flow required by the corporation to ensure that data collected by the organization was processed and hosted properly.  D4 proposed a set fee each month to process and host up to 10 TB of data each year.

Our place, their hardware, their software, D4 people!


The corporation achieved a reduction in total dollars spent on managing eDiscovery projects.  The set monthly fee has allowed the corporation’s legal department to effectively create a yearly budget for the next two years regardless of volume of data or cases.  No longer do they have to deal with the revolving door of personnel and training individuals to adhere to the proper ESI process required by the corporation.  Additionally, the use of predictive coding technology has reduced their review costs by outside counsel by over 60%.

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